Venus transit


fish human,
human, mother, singularity, rhizome, a question

born everyday, long before time, over and over

/ you come before me, and before Mama, Oma, mothers
Before the 31st of May, 1997, between summer and spring
before Mama, on the 26th of December 1963, two days after the night of Christmas
And before Jutta on the 15th of June 1940, the early days of Second World War

How far I follow the line of mothers
No matter the event
you are already there

At the cut section of the universe
impossible for me and my mothers, not impossible for you!
fish human, human,  mother, singularity, rhizome, question

you are a bridge or something inbetween

you come before all human and non - human life and you are a bridge, the connection between everything that has come to exist until now and has existed and will exist, therefore if we speak of a lineage for you it may not be able to ascend and descend as you are not linear but you are a cut section into the universe

/ if we were to cut section / you / heavens forbid /
dimensions outside of us collapse
into our inside
sprawling in you
your aura like the ether
everywhere around us like the ether
like the ether undoubtedly misunderstood


nothing that happens can interrupt
another dimension that we cannot touch
the continuation of yourself
in us
are you the universe itself?

/you are the salty rock and seaweed that dry up in my plastic bag
you are the euros it carries that carry me you carry me you are everything

fish human
human, mother, singularity, rhizome, a question
the rule of law?

you are from the beginning and the end, you sit there , where you yourself begin and end , and you watch time unfold with patience and grace and with joy and pain, you are everything

in a way or another always there, because you are what we organise ourselves by
used, misused abused, not used
translated into rules and guidelines and goals
into testaments, precepts, pillars, manifests, laws


or something the like, an explosion that could have been violent or soft, with all energy that can ever exist, you are part of all energy that is in the universe forever and therefore you carry in yourself a past like us but we cannot see

1945 two atomic bombs, 2.7 million tons of explosions
explosions that were violent not soft
used, misused abused, not used
with a lot of energy but NOT
all that exists
We organise ourselves by
in 1972
we can see home
the blue marble
finally we can see
no more energy we send to death?
1999 total solar eclipse
the end for a bit
Scared me
I could not see

The Venus transit through the eyes of my father
We watch love pass
the planet of love

….Pass….. pass…. passing by
passing out?

are you looking back?
fish human
human, mother, singularity, rhizome, a question
the rule of law
An explosion
Solar eclipse

you are also passive
hidden light
Solar eclipse
in all of us, the keeper of time
You are in me, and Mama, Oma, mother, fathers all the keepers of time
Watchmaker Timekeeper War criminal Alchemist Medium Witch Teacher Healer

Everything and everyone
You reflect yourself in the deepest depths  
everything and everyone
you are outside of my dimension

fish human
human, mother, singularity, rhizome, a question
the rule of law
An explosion
Solar eclipse
Salty rocks
Euro coins
Watchmaker Timekeeper
Watchkeeper Timemaker
watching love pass
love keepers